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Mandarin Cookies Strain Review

Oh shit my cookies are back! When I first heard this I thought of a fortune cookie dipped in mandarin sauce. Just how my mind works with imagery. The imagine didn’t entice or appeal to me but the folks at Select were like, trust us..”Get it”. Now I grab it whenever it is around. Let’s get into Mandarin Cookies!

Mandarin Cookies is a sativa dominant strain that is the result of crossing the Classic Cookies (aka Girl Scout CookiesGSC) with Mandarin Sunset. Mandarin Sunset is said to be a 50/50 hybrid. GSC is said to be about 60/40 sativa dominant. However, when you combine the two they create a strain that is said to be about 80/20 sativa dominant. I love Mandarin Cookies. The sativa rush is instant and long-lasting. THC levels can get up to 27%.

Mandarin Cookies taste of sweet citrus and creamy flavors contrasted by rich nutty, spicy, and earthy accents. The flavors blend beautifully. Mandarin Cookies is a perfect anytime of day strain. This strain provides slight relaxation and pain relieving effects, but it is the awesome taste and instant invigorating energy why I choose this every time.

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