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Magic Melon Strain Review

Have you ever had the amazing apple? Have you tried the bodacious banana? What about the fantastic fig? No… Oh well, since this about alliterations let’s check out Magic Melon.

Magic Melon Art

Magic Melon is said to be a slightly sativa hybrid strain. It is said to be 60/40, but this strain hits me with a much higher sativa energy; more like 80/20. Magic Melon is the product of crossing Mango Trees, Honey Dew Melon, and Mango Sherbert. Combining all those mangoes and honey dew, yes this strain is decadently delicious. The smoke tastes of a blend of melons and tropical fruits.

Mango Melon can get up to 25% THC levels. It can also offer up to 2% CBD levels. The effects are a blast of cerebral focusing energy. It is more bliss and care-free energy than physical energy. Enjoy during an afternoon when relaxation and going with the flow is the emphasis. 

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