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Mar 1, 2023
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Magi Review: Rediscovering a 4000 Year Old Spiritual Elixir

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Stard as a Psychedelic Potentiator

NOTE: The protocols below were NOT encouraged or recommended by Magi. This was purely for my own exploration.

MAOi’s are well-known potentiators of psychedelic experiences. Psilohuasca, for example, is an ayahuasca-like experience combining psilocybin mushrooms with Syrian Rue.

Changa is a smokeable mixture with DMT, a few different herbs, and harmaline, the same MAOI as in Syrian rue. Ayahuasca has an MAOi that makes DMT orally active.

I wanted to see how Stard worked with microdosing other psychedelics.

LSD Protocol: Two Capsules of Stard with an LSD Microdose

It was a beautiful evening in San Diego. I took two capsules of Stard and a 10-microgram dose of LSD and headed off to the beach.

Usually, an LSD microdose is very stimulating for me. It makes me want to move and engage my body. Typically it opens me to new creative ideas and insights.

The Stard softened the experience and balanced it out. During a walking meditation, I dropped into an effortless state of no mind. It was pure perception. No thoughts or judgments. No imaginary conversations or thinking about projects or the future.

Just beingness with a broad, open focus. I was immersed in total clarity of mind, sensing each ripple of the wind, each subtle variation in the crashing waves.


Yes, Magi’s Stard supplement works. But again, I had some gastrointestinal distress at the beginning of the experience. Not so pleasant, but ultimately worth it.

LSD Protocol: One Capsule of Stard with an LSD Microdose

The experience with two capsules was so good I wanted to try it again with just one capsule of Stard to compare.

Again, I dropped into a deep state of mental calm and clarity. My habitual compulsion to check my phone and email vanished. I was just here, in the moment, experiencing all that was. Time seemed to slow down. I had a thirty-minute meditation that felt more like three.

It was a worthwhile experience, but it wasn’t as memorable as the first experience with two capsules, though there was less GI discomfort.

Mushroom Protocol: One Capsule of Stard with Psilocybin Microdose

The next experiment was with a psilocybin microdose. I took one capsule of Stard with a 100mg microdose of psilocybin mushrooms.

I noticed some discomfort in my stomach after about twenty minutes, which lasted about half an hour. After that passed, I eased into a relaxed, contemplative mood. I didn’t have an “agenda” for this experience, so I took a walk.

I felt a deep sense of peace and ease. I gazed at the trees. I felt the fullness of my breath.

In my conversations with people, I felt truly present, as if I was listening to what they were communicating underneath the words more than to the words themselves.

There was a curious moment in a situation that typically would have triggered me and made me reactive and defensive. Instead, I watched as it passed right over me like water.

Honestly, I wish I could always respond like that in a challenging conversation.

The overall experience was similar to a “normal” psilocybin microdose, but deeper and more rooted. There’s definitely something worth exploring here.

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