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MAC Strain Review

OK, I am impressed! We have not even gotten into the actual strain yet, but I got to stand up and give this strain a slow clap like of approval. Miracle Alien Cookies, I salute you Capulator for breeding this ingenious strain. Let’s prepare for a galactic exploration.


Yes, you will be going to the farthest realms of time and space on Miracle Alien Cookies, aka MAC; that is the deepest realms of your mind. This is indica medicine more than what I bargained for my friends. This strain is a cross between Alien Cookies and Star fighter; that is some cool shit as far as naming goes!

The effects are straightforward here. Euphoric glee and a warm body tingle, grows and morphs into a black hole couch-lock force field. Enjoy the taste of dank, gassy octane, like citrus funk on the descent into the inner cosmos. MAC is a force to be reckoned with by experienced users only.

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