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M & M Strain Review

There are the movie descriptions of marijuana that always baffled as well as entertained me. You ever seen the documentary Grass about how propaganda on cannabis has unfolded throughout the last 100 years of US history. Movies follow suit. Like people so high they hallucinate, think they are walking on clouds, but not even moving, and/or going into trance states.

M & M

I have always been like damn, it’s just weed. Either energizes you or slows you down, it’s not that deep. Check out M & M strain though. It is not like the movies of course, but it is about as close to a psychedelic experience I have had with cannabis.


M & M strain is said to be a hybrid. I call bullshit. This is like damn near 100% indica to me. However, the taste is not sweet. It tastes of sharp spicy pine and earth flavors. The body almost falls into instant relaxation and relief from pain. The mind is filled with a euphoric haze that has thoughts of the cosmic experience floating in and out of consciousness. Namaste Select Co-Op.

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