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LSD Strain Review

Say what? I am all about the names of strains. However, strains with hard drugs in the title always has me thinking do I really want that shit. LSD is known as a drug for creating hallucinogenic effects that will have you fighting the snakes trying to eat your eyeballs. So, why name so cannabis after that shit. Well, LSD marijuana strain provided elating psychedelic effects that will keep your pants on and not have you running down the street howling at the moon; unless that is your choice of course, no judgement if you are naturally about that life!

LSD is the child of Mazar-I-Sharif strain and Skunk #1. Know that Mazar-I-Sharif is such a potent Afghanistan land race indica it is said to be damn near narcotic and mind warping when taken in excess as well as having off the charts physically relaxing. Combine that with the fun, energy, and cerebral nature of Skunk #1 and we got the beauty of the LSD strain. The sativa effects of the skunk combine beautifully with the mind-numbing and psychedelic effects of theMazar-I-Sharif energy.

LSD is said to contain as high as 28% THC. This strain also can carry a 1% CBD level. However, this strain is sativa dominant. Enjoy the body-relaxing and pain relieving effects of this strain for sure. The boost is you can get that relief any time of day. LSD is a hybrid that is slightly sativa leaning.  Hitting this early afternoon had me focused and grinding the day out while appreciating the physical relaxation and pain relief.  

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