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Louder Strain Review

This makes me think of how the track “The People” starts by Common produced by Kanye… A sample voice screaming “LouderLouder… This is street radio for unsung heroes, Riding in the regal, trying to stay legal”. Hopefully soon staying legal with cannabis will not be a concern in this country if the MORE act passes, but anyway, this is definitely “Louder“.

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Yes, we know Loud is old slang for basically any hydroponics weed that ain’t swag. Loud is also commonly known as Loud Dream. This is a 100% sativa strain! That is definitely Loud! Blue Dream is in the lineage of this strain with THC levels that can get up around 30%. As an offspring of Blue Dream the sweetness and slight dankness of the strain is detectable.

Loud smacks the mind with instant creative energy, mental invigoration, and physical drive to accomplish anything. There is a body tingling feeling that I can only describe as the glow coming over you like Bruce Leroy… Sho nuff! The tingling glow is by no means relaxing, but its a noticeable body buzz having you being the master of your day!

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