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Jul 11, 2021
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Londoncello Strain Review

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This name is wack. One of my daughters played the cello. It is a boring instrument. She was hoodwinked by a music instructor into playing it but that’s another story. Let’s get into the Londoncello strain.


Come up with a better name. Please, because this is too dope of a sativa to sound like a foggy dirty London sob story.  Londoncello, aka Cookies Londoncello is an 80% sativa hybrid. This strain is the product of crossing Lemonade and LPX #75.  


Londoncello tastes of a sweet lemon, vanilla, nutty, citrus smoothie. The flavor is decadent and you will want to smoke more just to enjoy the flavor. Thankfully, the energizing effects will leave you focused and physically engaged to conquer the day. This is great wake and bake energy.

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