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London Pound Mintz Strain Review

"London Pound Mintz is an evening wind down strain for certain. THC levels of 29%. A proper selection of the indica dominant variety."

This name sounds too official, like you can only get it from the British Parliament or something. Additionally, let me break out my dancehall DJ reggae voice. “Ring the alarm, a new strain is growing, ring the alarm a new strain we smoking Wooah!” We are at the house party in the Small Axe episode! 

Thin Mints

London Pound Mintz is a proper selection of the indica dominant variety. It is said this strain may be a crossing of Thin Mints and some unknown indica. What is not in question is the sweet nutty, vanilla, spicey, creamy, earth tone balanced flavor of this strain. This strain tastes of a spicy sweet London Cake possibly; I don’t know as I have never been to London nor had their cakes but this shit tastes good!

London Pound Cake 75

London Pound Mintz is an evening wind down strain for certain. THC levels of 29%. I do know you should expect the munchies, a strong relaxing vibe, and a need to go to sleep soon after. Enjoy as an evening nightcap my friends.  

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