Lion’s Mane

You know when a neophyte learns  some new information and wants to tell everybody and that is all they talk about… Yeah I am that neophyte and this is that time y’all.  It is 4;20 relevant though.  I have to tell y’all how Lion’s Mane is awesome munchie must have for a few reasons!

First to be clear what we are talking about…Hericium erinaceus aka lion’s mane mushroom is an edible medicinal mushroom.  I am pointing out medicinal mushroom, not psychedelic mushroom, or grocery mushrooms.  Psychedelic mushrooms are another thing altogether as we are about the 4:20 experience here…and frankly grocery store mushrooms are considered the fast-food of mushrooms.  Yes I am getting snobbish on mushrooms.  

Medicinal mushrooms have been identified for neurological, digestion, anti-fungal, and/o or antiviral effects.  Specifically, Lion’s mane has been identified as increasing cognitive function and improving digestion.  There is also research being done showing how Lion’s mane and CBD can be paired to treat some aspects of mental illness.  I am going to add  here… it is also delicious!

Lion’s Mane can be purchased dried, in pieces, dried in the whole spore, or raw/fresh. If you can get the whole dried mushroom or the whole fresh mushroom it will be more flavorful than the dried pieces. Reconstitute the dried mushrooms by soaking them in water (according to the directions)…however, I have soaked them in bone broth as well as coconut milk.  After reconstituting the “essence” of the mushroom is in the broth/liquid.  Use it like “pot liquor” from cooking greens.  

Looking at the dried lion’s mane is like looking at a little blond afro statue.  The dried hairs of the mushroom do look like a trimmed mane. The fresh Lion’s mane is definitely more true to the name. Fresh Lion’s mane needs to be gently pressed of excess liquid prior to making a “steak” or stir fry with it.  Lion’s mane has the consistency of meat. If someone were to chop it up, cook it, and give it to you and say guess what this is…you may guess duck, lamb, or some fake meat/tofu…but it does not taste, look like, or have the consistency of a mushroom.

Here was my impromptu self-experiment. With my usual 4:20 dosing I had a Lion’s Mane mushroom pre-meal about an hour before…and had one prepared for my munchie snack as well. I felt nothing from before dosing. However, when the munchies hit. I ate about half the fresh Lion’s Mane. I noticed an added calmness that began to add focus and relief from the munchies shortly after. Got to do more “research” my friends….going to try some cannabis cooking with it…If this is TMI so be it, but know Lion’s Mane can be considered a laxative as well. It pushes everything out. Had to let you know before you may engage with it 4:20!