Lions Mane Health Benefits

The growing science on how plant terpenes is fascinating. Plants give off a biochemical scent to protect themselves and communicate with the species. We humans recognize that as the smells and flavors of cannabis strains, herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc. enjoys pairing food terpenes with matching marijuana strain terpenes. I suspect as recommendations for how to approach the 4:20 munchies of certain strains. growing field is developing investigating how food terpenes can counterbalance adverse effects of cannabis toking, enhance the experience, and improve the effect on the body with food pairings.

The “entourage effect” posits that the spectrum of compounds in cannabis synthesize and relate to food and other compounds to based on terpene and other biochemical factors. These bio-chemical factors include terpenes and other unique and still unfolding properties of many food and plant products. One such “super food”…yeah, I know that word is tossed around and is often bullshit, but here me out and try it out! Lion’s mane mushroom, hericium erinaceus, is a long stringy mushroom that grows on the bark of decaying trees. This mushroom is prescribed to Alzheimer’s patients, concussion sufferer’s and for people needing to improve cognitive function. It is known as brain food.


I am very focused on a growing understanding that “the combination of other cannabinoids together with non-cannabinoid components could enhance the beneficial effects of THC and could reduce undesirable side effects. Thank you for that tidbit National Health Institute. The combination of cannabinoid compounds (of course cannabis is one) and non-cannabinoid compounds (still being explored) can increase the effect of the high while possibly neutralizing things like dry mouth, munchies, the down of the boost, etc… My sober and 4:20 experiences with Lion’s Mane mushroom I am continuing to explore and understand.

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We know Lion’s Mane has the benefits of “regenerating nerves, Improving brain health, protection, and cognition, potentially may provide relief from mild anxiety and depression, of being anati-inflammatory, being anantioxidant, immune system boosting. of the UK believes these effects are enhanced by CBD and some research supports this. They produce a CBD Lion’s Mane synthesis sold as a powerful brain enhancer and holistic medicine. Let’s look at how we can experiment with Lion’s Mane ourselves with our culinary processes.

I have a stash of whole dried whole Lion’s Mane mushroom, dried sliced Lion’s mane and have used the fresh mushroom in cooking. I reconstitute the dried Lion’s mane in coconut milk or vegetable broth. The sliced mane can be added to stir/fry soups, or just eaten. They have a slightly meaty texture and a mild shellfish taste that will be complemented by whatever liquid you reconstitute the lion’s mane. It is boring and bland to use water. The whole Lion’s mane steak I sauteed in coconut milk and a blend of seasonings served as my munchie treat for a couple of days.

My experience on the second day of having it a couple of times the day before, was feeling energized and clear when the munchies hit during 4:20. After eating the mushroom when the munchies hit I went back to getting some work done on a video project and was tuned right in as if the munchies never hit after letting the meal digest. With Chemdawg I usually stay wanting to munch. Let’s make it “scientific” and review it my peers.

My 4:20 brethren (and sistren/peopleren)… the reality is that “science” is now uncovering and in the case of mushrooms rediscovering connections to cannabis that can improve our overall wellness and definitely our 4:20 experiences. I encourage you to look into the science of terpenes and how you may counter-balance a strain that may produce a lot of anxiety with a munchie with terpenes that promote calmness and relaxation. The possibilities are there to explore. Trust Lion’s mane is a culinary and cannabis experiment worth trying. I grabbed mine from growers on Try the Lion’s Mane sauteed with a little coconut amino and onions as 4:20 brain food my friends!