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Limoncello Strain Review

L’angelo Ball is still a rookie! He already got a strain named after him? Damn! Oh, my bad, this is Lemoncello strain. It sounded like the name of the Rookie of the year in the NBA to me.

Lemoncello, aka, Limoncello strain is the product of crossing Lemonade and Cherry Pie. While the name of this strain sounds like a stereotypical Comic View joke for a Kindergartener’s name… This strain is amazing. Limoncello can get up to 25% THC levels.

Cherry Pie

Limoncello strain is said to be 80% sativa dominant. Allegedly (with the Dezus and Mero sprinkles) this has won High Times awards. This gets my award for a wake and bake beauty! The lemon and fruit berry flavors are delicious and the effect is for working out, getting up, being active, and getting shit done!

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