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Limoncello Strain Review

Thank you Select Co-op Thank you. Limoncello is back on deck. While the name is corny, the strain is an amazing sativa. Grab it while it is around.  

Limoncello is the product of crossing Original Lemonade and Cherry Pie. This is a sativa lover’s wake and bake goto for sure. Limoncello strain review elevates the mood, sparks happiness and creativity, and energizes the body and mind to get stuff done. Limoncello can get up to25% THC levels.

Cherry Pie

Limoncello is decadently delicious. This strain tastes of sour sharp lemons balanced by sweet berries and cherries that linger on the exhale. A slight piney dankness is also detectable. Enjoy this strain anytime of day to liven up the party!

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