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Limonada Strain Review

Pina Colada is pineapple and coconut with cream. It’s kinda too sweet for my taste. However, if it was that sweet the cream coconut base is a beautiful base for a mixed drink. Well, somebody figured out how to make a Limonada. It’s not a mixed drink. Just an amazing strain!

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Sound the Grand Daddy IU chorus… “Something, something new from Select to you”. It’s not actually a “New” strain, but it’s “Newer” and rare so no DJ Clue new strain voice, but something new for Select Co-Op folks. Limonada tastes like lemons mixed with sweet cream! It tastes like a Limonada.

The effects are straight sativa focus and energy. It was raining and a friend who introduced me to this strain and I were hitting it outside under an awning. Instantly I wanted to go for a jog in the rain or get some burpees in! I was energized instantly. Get this strain now!

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