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Lime Skunk Strain Review

I have an image of a neon green, burping cuz he is tipsy skunk as the logo for this strain. That is the kind of elevating, creative, and euphoric sativa buzz you will get off this experience. I actually do think that would be a dope logo though! Let’s check out how this dank hits, a recommendation from my guys at Select.

This beauty has exotic genetics bred by the laboratories of Exotic Genetix. A cross between Green Ribbon BX and Lemon Skunk. The eclectic blend of the heady cerebral strains making up Green Ribbon combine with lemon flavors, and skunk dankness to create this sweet and sour treat. The skunk and citrus lemon flavors dominate while piney and peppery undertones accent the exhale. The buds of lemon Skunk are lime green almost pentagon snowflake shaped with orange hairs prolifically swirling about. The trichomes decorating the structure like morning frost.

Lemon Skunk is a cerebral sativa dominant experience. This is an effect I caution novice users to engage sparingly. This will have newbies amped up, paranoid, and possibly begging to come down. THC levels are said to top off at mid 20%. This is an excellent strain for day-time use. Physical effects include slight pain relief and body relaxation. However, this is a strain you use for the awesome taste and mental effects.