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Lime Skunk Strain Review

Lime Skunk

Select Co-Op has been on fire coming with the fire strains as of late. I just grabbed some Lime Skunk and need to add this to my list of favorite hybrids. The list is long as it basically is mostly what is on the Select menu. Let’s check out Lime Skunk!

Lime Skunk Strain Review - How Do I Get Weed

Lime Skunk, aka Lime Green Skunk, is the product of crossing Northern Lights and Super Skunk. The result is a hybrid that gives the eclectic effects of sativa and indica energy. The sativa side will have your mood and energy soaring with motivation to tackle the day. The indica side alleviates and reduces pain without slowing the mind or body down in the least.

Lime Skunk Strain Review - How Do I Get Weed

Lime Skunk can get up to 17% THC levels. This strain is a perfect wake and bake strain. You can hit this anytime of day and enjoy the uplifting and relaxing effects. This strain tastes amazing. The lime citrus flavors that accents the dank and pungency of the skunk is a joy to experience.