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Lime Killer OG Strain Review

This strain reminds me of the name “OG Killer Bobby Johnson”. One thing I do not miss about the 90s is the string of movies written by white people about the “hood”. How many times in South Central did they say “OG Killer Bobby Johnson” ?… “A Pimp Named Slick back”?… “You got to say the whole thing”!

Ok, let me come back on point… OG Lime Killer, aka, Lime Killer OG is a deliciously tasting sativa leaning hybrid.¬†This strain tastes of lemon-lime skunk and spicy earth tones. OG Lime Killer can get up to 10% THC levels while offering 14% CBD benefits.

Lime Skunk Strain Review | HDIGW

The dreamy yet focused states this strain offers is amazing! You can wake and bake on this strain and change the trajectory of your day. Great recommendation from my folks at Select Co-Op. Enjoy!

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