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New Lime Drop Strain Review

This strain sounds like it should be a mixed drink. Especially, when you consider its parentage. This would be an excellent choice on a drink menu. Let’s check out Lime Drop. Shoutout to Select Co-op for another recommendation!

Lime Drop Effects

This strain is said to be a 70% leaning sativa and is the product of crossing Mojito and Sun Drop strains. You see the obvious mixed drinks vibe? Lime Drop is said to top out at 25% THC levels and has a conundrum of cerebral effects. 

 This strain will focus the mind to detail then gradually drift you into a hazy state of lackadaisical unfocused bliss.This strain naturally tastes of sweet citrus flavors. There is also a hint of spicy piney elements. Make sure to check out all my strain reviews here!

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