Lighter Light

“Who got my lighter light…. Well let’s roll it up, light up, smoke it up, inhale, exhale, where the weed at?” Something that brought that classic Junkyard Band pocket and chorus to mind. There was a time I cared about a lighter…

There was a time I had a zippo and a torch lighter. The Zippo was for indoor smoking and the butane torch was for when having to light a jay in the wind outdoors.  The strategic planning of youth!  I buy two Black Bics every few months and don’t even think about a lighter now.

I have been looking at a few sights and pricing lighters again. It looks the same as the last time I looked at lighters, which was about twenty years ago. I see Zippos ranging in pricers and few options for butane torches. Some begin their ads with ready to drop that Bic?

Why though? Why drop my Bic? Both are butane products. My Bics do not fail me. I buy dual packs so I always have one available. I have seen some research about butane inhalation. Let’s look at the possible harmful effects of butane.

It has been presented, like the research presented by, that informs how inhaling a pipe or bowl while still lighting the flowers or concentrate is a definite risk for inhaling butane. Additionally, inhaling a joint or blunt while lighting it with a butane lighter is also a risk. Fortunately, I tend to light the jay evenly before hitting it. Yet, I probably have hit a before while lighting it with my Bic.

There are a few coil lighters I am looking at. These do not require butane, but instead need to be electrically charged. They are recommended for joints and blunts over pipes which is cool for me as I don’t use pipes. They are not known to be “durable” meaning if a contaminant and/or water gets in the mix the lighter may not work. At least the ones in the $30 range that I am looking at. I will let you all know my results… If I choose to drop my Bics that is.

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