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Let’s Check Out States That Offer Reciprocity.

Washington, DC has decided to offer reciprocity to medical marijuana card-holders from other states. Excuse me, not other states because DC is not a state, but I will save the taxation without representation discussion for another time… DC Mayor Muriel Browser called this move a step towards “patient-centric” care according to Let’s look at the reciprocity or lack of offered by other states.

Licensed from state to state

This is important for many to look at for their safety and life’s security. If you are not aware of the case of Sean Worsley then read the article about his case. This man is a medically disabled Iraq veteran who was driving through Alabama to visit his mother in a different state. He lived in Arizona and has a medical marijuana card from that state. Currently, Worsely is facing five years in prison simply for driving through Alabama with marijuana in his car. Read the article.

So let’s check out states that offer reciprocity. First, we will look at states that offer full reciprocity, meaning you can possess your medical marijuana in the state as well as buy from medical dispensaries. This is a small list according to California, Hawaii, and Maine (although there are some details so investigate for yourself), Massachusetts,and Nevada are the only states that offer full reciprocity. It is to note marijuana is legal in Nevada and California so the licence is not needed. Now Washington, DC recognizes out-of-state medical licenses as well.

Let’s look at states that allow you to possess cannabis with a medical license, but restrict purchasing from a dispensary with an out-of state card. Arizona, Colorado, Oregan, and New Hampshire will allow you to possess your own with a medical license but not purchase from a dispensary. Rhode Island and Michigan may offer full reciprocity at the dispensaries’ discretion so it is advised to call ahead and investigate according to

Licensed From State to state art 2

THC Physicians offers a checklist for traveling with cannabis if one is medially licensed. Some of the recommendations include, first and foremost to always have the license on you along with all accompanying documentation. Be familiar with the state laws in states you are traveling through or to concerning cannabis. Travel by car when possible and do not fly with cannabis or travel internationally with it.

The case of Sean Worsley is tragic and simply a fucked up situation. A police officer stopped and searched he and his wife while pumping gas while breaking no laws. As a result of being profiled for “whatever” reason he is facing five years in a prison system documented for violating inmates civil rights in offering basic protection of their lives. Be safe if traveling with cannabis whether medically licensed or not. Be safe in all 4:20 activities.

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