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May 4, 2021
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Let My THC Be!

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“I am not big on concentrates. I do not know levels for that stuff. I do know that for a novice smoker 30% THC levels can be high.”


Have you all heard of Everclear. It is grain alcohol that is 190 proof. The shit can kill you taking shots of it straight. Same for Bacardi 151. It is 151 proof and is dangerously potent. Yet, these are legal liquors sold in the United States.

Why am I speaking of alcohol proofs? Well, many states are proposing that cannabis should now have limits to THC levels. What is ironic, or hypocritical may be a better word, is that this push for THC limits is being sponsored by some alcohol and tobacco lobbyists according to MJBIZ Daily. A few states have introduced bills to limit the THC levels of cannabis products.

Currently, Vermont is the only state with THC limits. Although Vermont has yet, to launch its legal recreational market. MJBIZ Daily also reports, Vemont has set flower limits at 30% and concentrates at 60%.

I am not big on concentrates. I do not know levels for that stuff. I do know that for a novice smoker 30% THC levels can be high. It may put them to sleep or have them anxious and/or paranoid. I have had strains that are above 30% THC levels. I simply put the jay out quicker than usual. It just means I hit it less and take longer to smoke it. It is not like Everclear where I can die from hitting it too much!


However, MJBIZ Daily informs me that 60% THC for concentrates is kind of weak. Concentrates are often up to 80% or 90% THC levels. In Colorado a bill was scrapped that attempted to limit flower levels to 15% THC levels. That would make all flowers light weed, as in the Odweeds sketch from the Chappelle show.

It has been said that common sense is not common. If states push to limit THC levels at their state run and taxed facilities that is a choice they will have to live with. Common sense should lead one to conclude that if I can only get light weed (aka bullshit) from dispensaries then I will just get it from the “underground” market. Folks will get the cannabis they want. States will shoot themselves in the foot if they pass this nonsense.

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