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Lemons Strain Review

Ok folks, I don’t know whether to break out the DJ Clue metal echo voice or not. I am not certain if this is a new strain or not as I keep finding a range of information on this strain family and name. I am not sure if this is Florida lemons, Lemon G, lemon Drop or Lemon Jeffery. I should have asked my folks at Select.

Dream Kush 2

I do know that Lemon is an awesome tasting and sativa leaning energy boosting strain. This strain tastes like; drumroll please, Lemons! It tastes like Lemon candy, with a sip of sour lemonade. It is a perfect balance of sweet and sour decadence.  


I can report this is a late afternoon sativa strain. While the mind is focused and prepped to get things done there is also a strong accompanying body relaxation to the effect. Lemons is a good strain to socialize or take care of a few things without expelling too much energy, the body will not want to do so, although the mind is not slowed down or heavy. THC levels around 20%!

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