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LemonGrass Strain Review

I saw a review of Lemongrass and thought the dude must have been high on it when he was writing it. It has to be a hard hitting indica. Dude wrote “Lemongrass“… Also known as Lemon Grass“. OK. That’s the same thing… Also said as that is the same thing.

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Anyway, Lemongrass is an indica hybrid strain. It has me looking at the redundancy of the Lemon Grass spelling like it was an important occurrence in life. I’m kinda in chill mode and not giving a fuck off the Lemongrass, or Lemon Grass! This strain has Lemon Kush and Humboldt Gelato in its lineage.

Lemongrass can get up to 24% THC levels. This is an evening strain for me. However, some say it clears their mind and promotes mental motivation. This strain gave me more mental relaxation and body comfort than energy.

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