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Lemon Thai Strain Review

Good recommendation by my folks at Select Co-op. I am still trying to figure out all the effects I experienced on this strain. I got to experiment some more with this. Let’s check out Lemon Thai strain.

Hawaiian Haze

Some say this strain is 50/50 hybrid. It is not and those that say it obviously have not tested it. Lemon Thai has the proud parents of Hawaiian and Thai sativa strains. How can these sativa parents yield a less sativa child? Sometimes it happens but definitely not in this case.

Orange Thai

Lemon Thai strain invigorates and uplifts your mood almost instantly. The body is oddly primed for action and ready to get shit done while the mind is elated yet calmly focused. It is a unique sativa effect! Lemon Thai can get up to 22% THC levels, it is believed. This strain tastes of tropical fruits and berries that are contrasted by minty, piney, and sour lemon flavors. Enjoy while it is around!

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