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Lemon Sorbet Strain Review

Lemon Sorbet

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Lemon Sorbet Strain Review

“Lemon Sorbet strain is decadently delicious. It tastes of creamy sugary lemons with a hint of spices and berries. This strain is Lemon OG and Sherbert.”

Recently, I experienced a severe indica hangover. I hit the strain about two hours before going to sleep. I awoke at the usual time to hit the morning workout and was in slow motion. I was lethargic the rest of the morning. I asked my folks at Select to recommend an evening wind down strain that ain’t a Rip Van Winkle experience.


I see you Lemon Sorbet! This strain is a 50/50 hybrid that does the damn thing. It hit with a little uplifting energy and euphoria before yielding to sleepiness, so I went to sleep. In the morning I was energized and ready to get to working out and to work.


Lemon Sorbet strain is decadently delicious. It tastes of creamy sugary lemons with a hint of spices and berries. This strain is the product of crossing Lemon OG and Sherbert. Enjoy!

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