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Lemon Mints Strain Review

They say this strain is also named “The One”. I am going to start calling it The Matrix. I may just start calling Neo as well. It reminds me of the sketch show on Netflix where they had the magical Negroes support group and Morpheus’ daughter was like, “my dad was never around as he was always looking for ” The One. “

Lemon Mints will have the mind soaring and creative thinking of deep concepts like I just described! The high will have you hazy, unfocused, and simply high! Lemon Mints is said to be 60% indica dominant. This is a couch-locking comatose strain to be used in the evening.

Lemon Mints strain taste like its name. There is a blast of lemon sourness balanced by a subtle piney mint taste. Subtle vanilla and nutty flavors are also present. This strain can get up to 24% THC levels while offering 2% CBD as well. 

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