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Jun 18, 2020
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Lemon Kush Strain Review

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I am listening to this audio book on “The Gift of Fear” enjoying a strain of Lemon Kush. The author’s life-story and how he presents stories of people recounting experiences of fear that warned them of violence was about to ensue is captivating. I am intently focused on each word coming from the reader of the story and feel. I also am paying more attention to sounds of the neighbors door opening and cars in the street. Might be just paying more attention as the book has me focused, but I think this Lemon Kush got me somewhere between focused and paranoid!

This is a strong hybrid that is powerful on both sides. It is a considered a 50/50 blend. The genetics are a blend of Afghani Kush and Lemon G. The lemon piney flavor is intense and potent. I appreciate the aesthetics as well. The strain I got has white crystals blinging and shining all around the nuggets….right now I find myself paying attention to all sounds and subtle movements in my periphery out the window.

Its early in the day. I am not couch-locked, but I do not like being this heavy early in the day. This may be best as an after work or after workout strain. This is definitely not for novice users!

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