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New Lemon Ice Strain Review

For some reason I thought of a corny 1990s rapper when I first heard the name of this Lemon Ice Strain Review. Whatever my mental image is picturing this strain, I shall put some respect on the name of Lemon Ice because this is an underrated strain! Shout out to Select Co-op! Keep coming in with these fire cannabis quality Select CO-OP!

What is the crossing of Lemon Ice Strain Review ?

Lemon ice is the product of crossing Lemon Haze and Afghani. I was suspicious of this being a sativa leaning hybrid with Afghani in the lineage. My, how wrong I was. Lemon ice hits with a pick me up effect that is ideal for any time of day. I recommend smoking this as a wake and bake strain! Lemon Ice may top out at 19% THC levels. I was very productive and didn’t feel sluggish afterwards.

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How Much THC is in the Lemon Ice Strain Review?

Lemon Ice tastes of strong citrus flavors balanced by hints of peppery herbal elements. Lemon Ice may top out at 19% THC levels. There is also a diesel-like taste present on the exhale. This strain may have the “Ice” moniker for the glimmering white trichomes covering the buds. If you’re looking to check out more strain reviews check them out here!

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