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Lemon Gas Strain Review

Lemon Gas, aka Lemon Fuel OG is definitely a power supply for mental focus and sativa energy. I was pleasantly fooled by the name assuming some sour diesel would be in the mix. However, Lemon Gas stands on its own and draws from a clever genetics to power the mind and medicate the body.

Lemon Gas Art

Lemon Gas is the product of crossing Super lemon Haze and Captain Krypto. Got to speak on the taste right here. First hit the palette is blasted with a sugary lemon fruit blend with spicy wood tones resting on the lips on exhale. Smoking it is a pleasure!

The up to 27% THC levels allow the quick hitting sativa effects of the Haze elements to last for hours. The physical relaxing and body medicating effects of the Captain Krypto OG guide the body into a relaxation that increases with heaviness and intensity. The sativa effects slowly yield to the indica effects as the experience changes over time.

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