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Lemon Fuel Strain Review

“Ring the alarm…a new strain is growing; Ring the alarm a new strain we are smoking…woah.” All spit in my dancehall reggae DJ voice… Well to be totally transparent, this is not a new strain but is a rare one. No one seems to have it in stock, so I’m lucky to say Select Co-op has the classic Lemon Fuel on deck. 

We’re talking about Lemon Fuel. Now keep in mind, this is not Lemon Fuel OG. That is a totally different strain. This strain is the product of Jet Fuel and Lemon Cake. This strain is perfect for a quick-hitting high that’ll leave you buzzed for hours. Immediately you’ll feel the tingles, then succumb into a heavier more sedative high. Be mindful of this strain as it’ll surely put you to sleep.

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Lemon Fuel will have you feeling an initial euphoric burst of energy, that slowly turns into a more head focused buzz. This is a wake and bake strain for sure. This strain has roughly 25% THC, and can help with a range of conditions. I just know this is for the sativa lovers out there. For more informations about the rest of our strains, click here.

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