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Lemon Drop Strain Review

Cute names for strains annoy me. I ain’t shopping for candy, toys, or a KidsBop song. OK, that’s my grumpy old man side I will let chill. So when my guy at Select was like I got Lemon Drop, my reaction was “so what”, but I was advised to go with the lemon!

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Lemon Drop is said to be slightly sativa dominant. I felt heavy sativa dominance. The mental effect is invigorating, euphoric, and ideal for daytime use. THC levels can get up to 18% with CBD levels up to 1% and CBN levels up to 1% as well. The result is not only a great sativa high being provided, but medicinal and relaxing properties are provided as well.

Lemon Drop taste of lemons, exactly! There is a strong lemony citrus taste with a little piney flavor accompanying it as well. Medicinally it is often prescribed for mood, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Its unique balanced sativa energy, THC, CBN, and CBD profile make this a beautiful strain for daytime medicinal use.

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