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Lemon Dawg Strain Review

This is an amazing blend. With Lemon Dawg the best of elements of its lineage is brought forth as the great hybrid it is. Lemon Dawg is the offspring of Lemon Skunk and Chemdawg. Let’s get into this awesome hybrid.

Lemon Dawg Art

Lemon Dawg is said to get up to 24% THC levels. Lemon Dawg offers almost psychedelic cerebral effects. At first hit the mind is energized and races with euphoria and elation. Novice users beware.

The body effects are long-lasting relaxation and pain relief. This strain is good for muscle relaxation after a workout. The taste is dynamically awesome. The taste and flavor of sour lemons and sweet citrus layer the octane diesel taste of Chemdawg. The taste is just as impressive as the effects! Good recommendation from Select Co-op!

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