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Feb 16, 2023
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Leafly’s best weed picks of Uncle Ike’s, Seattle

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Welcome to the Washington edition of Leafly Fresh Cuts, our local and highly curated recommendations for the freshest flower, best deals, and strongest strains in your neighborhood. We’ve hit the streets and done the research ourselves so you can spend more time grinding up grindage, reading, exercising, or making cannabutter edibles from scratch to pass the long hours of what has been a traditional, moody-broody Washington winter. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love our beautiful gray days and mild temps over here, and so do the budtenders over at Uncle Ikes on Union St. in Seattle. So, we asked them for some pointers, and they gave us the latest intel on fresh deals, flower, and goodies—all of which they’ve been enjoying lately.  

If you’re in the area, save time and order from our curated list of top picks online, and pick them up at Uncle Ikes’ dedicated mobile pickup station. For the ultimate cannabis and munchies paring, place an order at Tacos Chukis just across the street. You may want to stash a burrito to combat the late-night munchies if you happen to imbibe on the selections below.

Fresh flower pick: Plaid Jacket’s Sky Cuddler

Straight off of the delivery van and encased in new packaging complete with a magnified glass bottom, Plaid Jacket’s Ethiopian Sky Cuddler is an indica-dominant hybrid of Ethiopian and Sky Cuddler. Add it to your Uncle Ike’s bag or check out other Washington state dispensaries carrying Plaid Jacket.


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Highest-THC flower pick: Phat Panda Triangle Kush

For shoppers looking for highly potent weed, we asked Uncle Ike’s which eighths carried the highest percentages of THC. Our budtender, Reanna dipped into Phat Panda’s Frost Factory and pulled down some of its Triangle Kush. This particular batch was testing north of 30% THC.

Affordable ounce pick: Old McDonald’s Green Crack

Life is expensive and we’ve got you. At $49.50 for an ounce of Green Crack or Blue Dream, it’s not the absolute cheapest ounce on the shelf, but the Old McDonald’s Farm buds are decent mids grown outdoors. Whether you are cooking up a fresh batch of cannabutter or rolling platters of joints, grab an ounce on a budget. And while you’re at it, read up on these 21 tips to save money on weed.

Uncle Ike’s budtender pick: Torus

We asked Reanna what her go-to flower is these days and, without hesitating, she reached for a jar of Torus. Why? Well for one, Torus is an incredibly consistent flower brand in Washington state. The brand also touts a proprietary deep-water growing technology and custom vacuum-sealed containers through which its highly visible buds sparkle. We took this recommendation seriously and walked out with a jar of Slurricane, a cross between Leafly Strain of the Year 2021 Do Si Dos and the potent Purple Punch.

As one Leafly reviewer wrote:

Screenshot of a review on Leafly. (Leafly)

What $100 bought us at Uncle Ike’s

For $97.75 we put together an incredible mixed bag of Gold Leaf flower, a 5-pack of Mimosa pre-rolls, a Runtz vape cart, live resin chocolate bites by Hot Sugar, and seven grams of Pineapple Haze. For even more fresh finds, check out Uncle Ike’s daily deals or head over to the Leafly deals universe.

A screenshot of our Uncle Ike’s order on Leafly. (Leafly)

Leafly Fresh Cut recap

We walked out with Reanna’s top two fresh recommendations: Torus’s Slurricane and also a fresh batch of Gold Leaf Jelly Breath that was harvested in November. And for good measure, two single servings of dark chocolate truffles and a tin of Swift mints that, along with my scrumptious plate of Taco Chukis—added a burst of joy and color to an otherwise gray Washington day. 

Enjoy! And if you hit the streets in Washington, email your favorite cannabis and food pairings to news@leafly.com.

Mmm, tacos. (Tim Burke/Leafly)

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