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Lava Fuel Strain Review

Well damn! I mean is this supposed to make me get the strain or run like hell in the other direction. I have heard of Jet Fuel and even that sounds like something that you may not want to actually smoke, but Lava Fuel sounds like it’s not even possible to inhale…like your lungs melt on contact!

Lava Fuel Art

Lava Fuel is the product of crossing High Country Diesel, with another unknown Diesel, and Aspen OG. I am so excited about this strain I forgot to plug in the DJ Clue metal chrome echo… “New strain, new strain”. Lava Fuel is also known as G6 in some circles.

Lava Fuel Art

Lava Fuel is for Diesel lovers. You can smell the putridly sweet aroma of diesel as soon as the bag is cracked. You can feel the diesel effect as soon as the jay is hit as well! They should just call this Lava Diesel to let everyone know it’s an elite diesel for sure! Excellent menu item Select Co-op!

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