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Lasquetti Haze Strain Review

If I do not know what something is then I look it up. I do not know what Lasquetti is or how to pronounce it. Ok Gotcha! I did not know it is an island of British Columbia known for its remote location and natural undeveloped environment.

Lasquetti Haze

Ok, back to the strain. Lasquetti Haze is the product of crossing Lasquetti Island strain with an alleged unknown Skunk strain. Tossing Dezus and Mero sprinkles on allegedly by the way. This strain is said to be an 80% sativa dominant strain. Great recommendation from Select.

Lasquetti Haze

Haze strains usually leave me hazy. However, Lasquetti Haze instantly hits you with a blast of focused energy that drives you to get up and go! Lasquetti Haze may get up to 20% THC levels. This strain tastes of Skunk with some subtle spicy earth tone elements. Some associate this strain with being too “focusing” and may cause anxiety or racing mental images so novices use sparingly.

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