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Larry Bird Kush Strain Review

I always get these strains confused. We’re not talking about Gelato. That’s another strain some people call Larry Bird, as Gelato #33 has his jersey number…but that is a different strain. We are talking about Larry Bird Kush here.

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Larry Bird Kush is the product of crossing Blue Cheese and Hubndu Kush. The result is a strain that tops out at 18% THC levels. Said to be like a “shot to the head” you’ll get quite the head rush. This euphoric and ascending high will leave you super social and upbeat, considering it’s sativa dominant. This strain also tastes of piney citrus Kush elements. For those that do not know, Kush has an earthy, piney, dankness to it that tastes like….Kush.

Select Co-Op Banner Strain Review

There has been some silly debate between Larry Bird and Lebron James (as if it’s debatable) of who is better. There is no debate. Yes Jordan is the G.O.A.T. but to even suggest Bird was ever on Lebron’s all-around level is disrespectful to basketball. OK- back to the strain. Larry Bird Kush is for afternoon or evening relaxing as it offers a beautiful cerebral boost and functional relaxation. Grab it while Select Co-op has it. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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