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Lambs Breath Strain Review

I have heard strains boast Willie Nelson smoked it and/or liked it. I have heard folks brag that Snoop Dogg has named certain strains. If you tell me Bob Marley smoked this shit…I am like OK, How do you know? The Elder brethren been dead 40 years.

Popular folklore aside, if it is attributed to being smoked by Bob Marley the strain has obviously been awhile for some time. Lamb’s Breath may also be referred to as Lamb’s Bread by some as well. The details of this lineage are unknown my friend.

What is known is that Lamb’s Breath can get up to 20% THC levels. Lamb’s Breath tastes and smells like traditional dank/skunk/ganja. The smoke is spicy and may have you coughing. Lamb’s Breath is a classic wake and bake sativa that will have you motivated and energized all day.

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