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Sep 8, 2021
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Labor Day Weekend… Like Cube Make It A Good 4:20 Day!

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Many people are returning to the Washington DC area from a vacation. Some may have made the best of creative staycations around the area. While some of you may be coming into the district to celebrate. Whatever you are doing, make it a 4:20 infused great day!

Has anybody ever trekked, biked, or watercraft at Great Falls? To enjoy the beauty of the rocks, falls, and finding a quiet spot along the river is an ideal way to wind down the summer this weekend. There are myriad water and natural elements to explore in the DC area. One may just want to pop an eddy and enjoy the water along the Anacostia or harbor as well.

The Monuments are a popular spot on Labor Day weekend. Lesser known but amazing spots are Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and Roosevelt Island on the Virginia side. While the Arboretum is a popular spot as a National park in the city, there are also parks along the Potomac on the Virginia side of the river. Farther out in Maryland there are many trails and parks along the Patuxent River corridor. Possibly, it is quite open and easier to 4:20 partake in these areas. I would never condone such a thing though! 

For music lovers and brave people that want to be around people indoors there are many concerts around the city for all genres of music. The city is also having a few outdoor concerts around the mall and Logan Circle folks may want to check out. I am not advocating any venue, but there are also a few online events being streamed for those that want to chill in the privacy and comfort of the crib. A quick google search for Washington DC Labor Day events will clue you in to the happenings.  

With summer winding down I may hit a restaurant for a last time for some time. I did not eat out a lot before the pandemic, but since then I only eat at outdoor venues. There are a few spots having Labor day Brunch around the district. Grab your 4:20 supplies from Select Co-op and enjoy a mimosa with your wake and bake effects. 

Whatever you get into this Labor Day Weekend; I suggest stocking up on supplies to ensure you have a smooth 4:20 transition into work or whatever vibe you are on as the seasons change… It is also good to stock up and you never know when this great supply of strain’s you enjoy from places like Select Co-op may not be as abundant. However, enough of doom and gloom..get out and enjoy this Labor Day weekend!

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