Labor Day Finale

Alas summer is ending. The sign of Labor day is near. It’s almost like the weather instantly changes after that day. Whether, you have the day off or will have just a little time to yourself this weekend for Labor day let’s get into a few 4:20 activities to unwind and enjoy the fleeting days of summer.

labor day art 2

Have you ever walked or cycled the Anacostia trail? Initiating in Bladensburg the rail will take you through SE DC, into NW, and into Virginia. Although, that sounds like a far ride a family with children could do it in about an hour with making a few stops, or you and a friend can enjoy a sativa infused ride.

While the weather holds up check out a trail while you still can. A quick look on All Trails or Google often reveals plenty of trails in your neighborhood or very close regardless of your locale in the DMV. You just need some comfortable shoes, water, and a nice even bake to glide along the path. Make sure to have a nice edible for recovery after from Select Co-Op.

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I know. What if you ain’t feeling like strenuous activity this weekend. The banks and walks along the Potomac and Anacostia rivers are a good vibe and spot to chill to grab a meal or a drink. You could start the evening with a socially distanced stroll and have dinner at one of the numerous restaurants offering outdoor eatery among many venues in DC.

Labor Day 20 Art

You want to just stay in the house and enjoy some live music. That is a big thing with venues holding lie shows to stain business. Checkout some of your favorite artists and insta-show apps to see who you may want to hold up your lighter and rock with. At times nothing like good tunes, cannabis and your own space to enjoy the combination!

One thing is for certain. Summer is coming to an end. However summer, fall, inter, spring Select Co-op has been consistent as the seasons change. It has been said things exist for a reason, a season, and/or a lifetime… Get your supplies from Select as it is the reason in any season!