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LA Cake Strain Review

Is it La cake or La Cake like some French shit? Folks are getting extra for no reason with the names of strains nowadays. I will assume it is LA cake… It is as some call it Los Angeles Cake. Call it La Angel Cake if you want, but names aside let’s get into the strain.

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LA Cake is the offspring of Gorilla Glue #4 and LA Kush. This strain can get up to 26% THC levels. With such potent parents we know why… For me a hybrid is defined by two things… Does it give indica effects that uplift or tranquilize. This is a massive tranquilizer dart. This had me ready for the bed and covers around 8PM. Use sparingly.

LA Cake is a misleading name. You would think it tastes of sugar and frosting. Nah! The Kush taste dominates. This taste of strong dank, diesel, earth flavors, and spicy funkiness. Enjoy this indica dominant hybrid.

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