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Jan 8, 2021
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L.A. Confidential VS Blue Cheese

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“L.A. Confidential is commonly referred to as “rapper weed” with only a single puff needed to begin the mental and body journey.”


In the 3rd matchup of the March to Madness Tournament L.A. Confidential with its legendary psychedelic effects overtook its Indica bredrin Blue Cheese in a classic matchup of Indica dominant strains. Some strains hit hard and leave smokers “in the couch” while L.A. Confidential simply leaves smokers “slumped”! With each pull from the pine tasting buds’ smokers can expect to drown in a mental wave of thoughts before realizing that the body numbing effects of L.A. Confidential have taken hold and thoughts of moving are overcome with intense giddiness and euphoria. As the seconds and then minutes pass by, a bought of cotton mouth and dry eyes casually turns into a few hours of deep thoughts while struggling to stay awake. Being a 90% Indica dominant strain and reaching THC levels up to 25%, L.A. Confidential is commonly referred to as “rapper weed” with only a single puff needed to begin the mental and body journey. While veteran smokers allow the sleepy eyes to turn into slumber some rookies tell of tails of extreme paranoia. Also because of the intense effects of this strain it’s recommended as a night caper before bedtime. Individuals dealing with nausea, loss of appetite, stress and anxiety often choose L.A. Confidential as a go to strain.


On most nights Blue Cheese would be a headliner in any sypher. Being a classic hybrid Indica-dominant strain that provides great taste and a balance high. Smokers are often left surprised when they are overcome with the pungent smell, but fruity taste of Blue Cheese as its taste comes equally from its genetic makeup of Blueberry and UK Cheese. Possessing an Indica-Sativa ratio of 80%-20% and THC levels up to 20% the effects of Blue Cheese slowly creep up on you with a sudden body high. The Sativa side of Blue Cheese allows it to be enjoyed in the morning, evening, or night as it leaves the users mind in a euphoric state but not stuck in a loop of thoughts. The Indica effects of Blue Cheese are noticeable as it’s commonly used to treat pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

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As we look forward to next weeks matchup between T.I.T.S. and 4G, it’s your classic Sativa (T.I.T.S.) vs Indica (4G). What makes this matchup so special is that to get these strains some of the worlds best strains were bred into them as T.I.T.S. has genes from Sour Diesel and 4G has been bred with Gelato #45. Tune in next weekend as we take 1 step closer to March Madness.

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