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Know Your Washington DC Cannabis Laws

Cannabis gifting, Smoke shops, Buying Weed in DC, & Initiative 71

 If you are not aware, recently the DC City Council created a”Joint Cannabis Task Force”.  The taskforce was created to crack down on storefront businesses.  The goal is to tax smoke shops with a physical location selling cannabis.  As Axios reports, it is alleged this task force exists to ensure everyone is paying taxes as a business in Washington DC. Many suspect this is a result of medical marijuana dispensaries’ consistent lobbying against Initiative 71 businesses.  I utilize a recreational delivery dispensary.  As a client of Select Co-Op in Washington DC this “crackdown” will not affect my weed buying options. However, let’s break down Initiate 71 and the laws concerning buying weed in Washington DC. 

As of August 30th, Newswire reports “this week, the joint cannabis task force will begin inspections of cannabis-industry related businesses, made possible through provisions in Initiative 71 that was voted upon by residents. The cannabis community in DC employs hundreds of people and provides safe cannabis consumption for thousands of residents, of all backgrounds. For the current administration to go back on the promise to share the wealth that the legal cannabis industry has created in minority communities is a travesty to many” This op-ed by Auntea Marie goes on to posit “For decades, minorities in Washington, DC have been disproportionately arrested and stripped of their rights for non-violent drug offenses… I support initiative71, as voted upon, and I stand with the residents and small business owners of the District of Columbia.”

Initiative 71


Initiative 71 is a legal provision in Washington DC allowing for the transportation and possession of two ounces of marijuana. Individuals aged twenty-one or older may gift cannabis and consume marijuana on private property.  Initiative 71 also allows for individuals to grow marijuana plants in the city limits as well.  Initiative 71 does not allow anyone to sell marijuana in Washington DC.  This is the “gifting” culture of Washington DC. Individuals may gift cannabis.  Some businesses gift cannabis in exchange for people buying t-shirts, stickers, paraphernalia, etc.  The fact that money is being exchanged in a store where more than two ounces of cannabis is present makes smoke shops in Washington DC sketchy endeavors. Axois reports, “while all businesses are subject to inspection and proper registration in D.C., this task force is additional oversight for these specific businesses.  There are an estimated 100 I-71 stores in D.C. While some sellers showcase their wares via private social media accounts, some offer delivery services, others are more visible. 

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The only businesses that may legally sell marijuana in Washington DC are the seven licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.  To compete with the recreational smoke shops and delivery dispensaries, the medical facilities successfully lobbied for Washington DC city residents to be able to apply for a medical marijuana card through self-certification (without a medical doctor). This is only for Washington DC residents; however, medical dispensaries do accept other states medical cards.  The issue with medical dispensaries is supply and prices.  Medical dispensaries have scant supply compared to the recreational market and have higher prices on average.   That brings me back to recreational delivery dispensaries. 

Select Co-Op

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

I have been using Select Co-Op for years.  I subscribe to their premiere menu each week when I want to receive my cannabis gift.  I simply look at the website for my cannabis preferences, schedule my delivery, and a driver meets me promptly and discretely.  I now live in Washington DC.  However, when I lived in Arlington Virginia, I still used Select Co-Op’s delivery services. A Virginia resident just needs to meet anywhere in the Washington DC city limits to receive their ordered gift.   There was a time when I only purchased flowers.  However, the eclectic menu at the Select Co-Op partnership delivery dispensaries has afforded me access to the best flowers, cartridges, concentrates and edibles in Washington DC.  Recently, I have enjoyed energizing sativas from Select Co-Op. 

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How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

Alice and Wonderland, Ultra Sour, and Electric Lemon are all strains with diesel in the lineage.  These selections are sure to please.  However, for indica relief there are also strains like Grape Stomper and Garlic MAC.  I have never heard of Garlic MAC before but am glad I got it! Select Co-Op also has Jeeters.  It pays to study their menu. Jeeters are pre-rolled marijuana joints.  However, the cannabis is mixed with kief and/or cannabis diamond concentrate.  These pre-rolls may easily top 35% THC levels.   I appreciate having access to a delivery dispensary.  However, access to smoke shops may soon be eliminated.