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Kid N Cookies Strain Review

OK. If Kid is into the cannabis business that is good for him. However, a strain does not sound potent or worth sampling bringing up a ridiculous high-top fade. Allegedly Christopher “Kid” Reid is one of the partners of the breeding company. Using his 1990’s moniker based on teeny bopper rap music ain’t getting me hyped.

Girl Scout Cookies

Wack name aside, Kid N Cookies is more potent than the corny-ass name. This strain is the result of crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Snowman OG. The strain can also get up to 22% THC levels. The strain won’t have you jumping over your leg into a split, but your mind is elevated at first toke.

While this is said to be an indica dominant strain this is a hybrid that has a combination of eclectic effects. While the body experiences relaxation and relief from pain, the body is also energized along with the mind and engaged to move around. Kid N Cookies tastes of delicious vanilla almond spices with a piney dank on the exhale. Enjoy!

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