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Aug 6, 2021
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Keep Your Marijuana Fresh / Know The Best Ways

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High-quality cannabis is more available now than ever before. Given the expense of weed, you’re going to want to know how to make your cannabis last. Not only can you keep cannabis fresher longer you can also re-hydrate it if you have accidentally allowed it to dry out. Keep reading for tips on keeping your marijuana in pristine condition.

Hot climates and arid conditions can challenge marijuana’s shelf life. Here are some easy tricks to keep it fresher longer.

Prevent Your Weed From Drying Out
Keeping your weed in packaging that helps it to maintain its moisture. Here are a few options.
1. Airtight Containers and Cool Dark Areas: Keep your weed away from exposure to oxygen and light as much as possible. An airtight container and a cool dark storage location will add weeks to the lifespan of your weed.
2. Glass Containers : Re-usable glass containers will not only help you be kinder to the environment, but they will keep your weed fresher longer. Also, you will save money because you won’t be forced to throw out dried-out bud.
3. Develop A Relationship With Your Budtender: Your budtender can hook you up with the freshest weed. They will know which strains have been most recently acquired. This means that you always have access to the freshest bud.
4. Recussitate Dried Out Bud: In the event that your weed has already dried out, there’s no need to trash it, or replace it. You can rehydrate your cannabis so that it’s still viable. Distilled water, fruit peels, and humidity control packets are tools that you can utilize in this endeavor.

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Re-hydrating Your Cannabis With Distilled Water
First, it is important that you are in fact using distilled water. Typically distilled water is utilized in cigar humidors to maintain the moisture in the cigar wrappers over time. Begin by placing your cannabis in a plastic bag, small open jar, or even a medicine bottle. Next, you will want to place that container inside another container that can be sealed with a lid, and that is ample enough to hold the container of cannabis. Moisten a piece of paper towel with the distilled water, until it’s 70% damp. Don’t over-moisten the paper towel, because too much moisture can cause mold. Now, place the damp paper towel over the open container of cannabis and close the lid of the container. Leave the cannabis to sit for 2 to 12 hours. The longer it sits, the more hydrated it will be.

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The Fruit Peel Method
Another method that you can utilize to re-hydrate your cannabis is known as the fruit peel method. A great side-effect of the fruit peel method is that not only will it re-hydrate your weed, but a citrus fruit peel can also add a light and citrusy note to your cannabis. Using a fresh lemon or orange peel is ideal because these peels retain their natural essential oils. Fresh peels are naturally moist and don’t require the addition of any extra moisture. Place your weed along with the citrus peel into a container and seal it. It will likely take 1 -3 days to re-hydrate your weed.

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Boveda Humidity Control Packets
Lastly, there are products that are specifically designed to keep your weed fresher longer. Boveda humidity packs can return moisture to your weed and prevent it from drying out. This may be a more expensive option, however, it will definitely keep your weed fresh and ensure that you continue to have a high-quality experience.

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