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Kalifornia Strain Review

I am singing in my dancehall reggae DJ voice…”Ring the alarm, a new strain is growing… Ring the alarm a new strain we smoking…Wooaah! Now welcoming Kalifornia! Simply for the name and newness I just had to try this strain! Anyways enough chit chatting time for another strain review thanks to Select Co-op for another great strain!

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Kalifornia is a newer and rare strain. This is a great strain for winding down after a work, a workout, or dealing with folks that work your last nerve! Kalifornia is the product from crossing Nepali OG with ** G-13 Hashplant. I highly recommend this strain as a afternoon/evening strain. man, after smoking this strain all I wanted to do was lay down and forget about everything that happened that day! I felt so relaxed and my body appreciated it.

Kalifornia tastes of sweet herbal elements, woody and earthy tones, and a subtle fruity element to it. Kalifornia can reach THC levels of 25%! This strain may also reach up to 1% CBD as well. Indica lovers, grab this while Select co-op has it. If you’re looking for a sativa or got your eyes on something else make sure to check out all my articles here!

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