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Kali 47 Strain Review

We ain’t talking about Royce da 5’9″ here. This is Kali 47 strain. Respect to Royce though. Let’s get into this great sativa.

Kali 47 is said to be a 70/30 sativa dominant hybrid. This strain is the product of crossing Kali Mist and AK-47. Respect to the strain and a simple nod to the lack of creativity but yet informative name. This strain may get up to 30% THC levels or around 20% depending on the strain you have.

Kali 47 tastes of sweet creamy sugary candy with slight herbs and spices accentuating the flavor. The flavor would make you think this is an indica. Like an indica this strain will relieve pain and inflammation. This sativa sparks elation, creative thoughts, and motivating energy while providing a relaxing calming body energy.

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