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Jupiter Jack Strain Review

I am in awe of Select Co-op. Especially with this new strain Jupiter Jack?! They have been getting the dynamite awesomeness in regards to strains and been hooking me up with gifts on top of gifts! They are getting the new-ness as well! Allow me to break out the dancehall reggae DJ voice…”ring the alarm, a new strain is growing…ring the alarm a new strain we smoking….Wooah!” Now lets get into this new strain review!

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Jupiter Jack is an offspring of Jack Herer. Honestly I have zero clue where the “Jupiter” in the name originates! This strain is gets up to an astounding 30% THC levels. Jupiter Jack is a sativa leaning hybrid which is why I recommend this as a day time strain!

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Jupiter Jack tastes of sweet piney and woody elements with hints of citrus fruits as well which has amazing flavor. This is an excellent day-time strain for focusing the mind and elating one’s mood while the body is slightly chilled with functional relaxation which is perfect for the morning. The effects are long-lasting too! If you’re looking for an indica strain or got your eye on another strain but are unsure make sure to read all my reviews here!

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