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Jungle Cheese Strain Review

I honestly thought that Jungle Cheese was an indica. I’m not kidding you this strain had me fooled now, I was damn near 100% certain of it! That is why it pays to ask Select Co-op about their menu and/or recommendations. I would have missed out on this awesome bud! Thanks to Select for this strain time for another strain review!

Frankly, Jungle Cheese has undertones of “wild and savage…” this strain should be named something like Gourmet Gouda Cheese or what about Chimerical Cheese? Yeah, go to the online dictionary for that one… This strain is chimerical and borders on being psychedelic. Jungle cheese enhances all senses and a calming relaxation without sedation.

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Jungle Cheese is a 70% sativa dominant strain so I recommend this strain as a morning strain! It energized me and gave me the focus I needed to get my day started but this beauty is the product of crossing Gorilla Glue and Juju OG. It has some serious Ju Ju itself! This strain can get up to 28% THC levels. This strain tastes of a fancy chevre cheese flavored with touches of light spices and hints of citrus. If you’re looking for an indica or got your eyes on something else from select make sure to check out all my reviews here!

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