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Jungle Cheese Strain Review

Can cheese grow just randomly in the jungle? Mushrooms grow like that? Is there some rare cheese naturally growing from some plant spore somewhere that I don’t know about? This strain seriously has me thinking about the possibility. Shoutout to Select Co-op for another great strain! Time for another strain review!

Jungle Cheese is the product of crossing Gorilla Glue #4 and Juju OG. Well, this strain tastes like a sweetly sour, yet pungent fruity gourmet spiced cheese. It should be paired with wine or something; I wouldn’t know!

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This strain can top out at 28% THC levels. This strain is sativa leaning and hits with a cerebral effect of creativity and vivid observations and sensations. Jungle Cheese hits the body with a blissful functional relaxing effect. Thank you for the recommendation Select Co-op if you’re looking for an indica or got your eyes on something else make sure to check out all my articles here!

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