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Sour Dubb Strain Review

I have seen too many Desus and Mero episodes. My initial reaction was that is some bullshit? Who would want to smoke something described as wack? Dubb in the name gots to go.

However, Sour Dubb is anything, but a wack strain. Sour Dubble, aka Sour Dubbs is the product of crossing East Coast Sour Diesel and Sour Bubble strains. The result is a strain that can top out at 26% THC levels and offer 1% of CBD therapeutic effect. 

Sour Diesel

Sour Dubb tastes of exactly what it is made from… The strain tastes of a strong Sour Diesel gas taste and smell balanced by a sweet flavor; like that of bubblegum! It is what it is! This strain is great for early evening relaxation. The body feels the relaxing effects while the mind stays sharp. This is good for folks with mental work to do while needing pan relief or relaxation from stress.  

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